#RV5404 Paintings

In 2015 Lia installed her studio in an RV (Re_Creational vehicle: a thing used to express, embody, or fulfill something) where she created a series of work on newsprint paper non acid free and recycled canvas from 11 Street Workshop with India and walnut ink, charcoal, flat paint, time, oil, noise while moving from street to street.

Google Street View, Nov. 2016

Google Street View, Nov. 2016

Untitled, book #7. Ink on newsprint paper. 2015. 18" by 48"
Private Collection.

Untitled, charcoal and water on canvas. 2015. 30" by 72"

Private Collection.

Histories Listening, Mate, Paintbrushes, Surrendering, Street, Oil Painting, Toxicity, Oval Evolving, Morgan Ave, Heat,

Air Gold, oil, charcoal, flat paint, gold enamel, time on wood panel, 2015-17. 16 by 32"

Oil and charcoal on recycled unmonted canvas. 16”x12”

Sketchbook, Charcoal, Energy, Music, Satsang, Palo Santo

India Ink, Walnut Ink, Space, #rv5404, Noise, Charcoal, Time, Flat Paint,


to be

to share

Book, ink and time.

Oil on canvas and Chrysanthemum

Recyclable Canvas from 11 Street Workshop, Water, Kids, Newsprint Paper, Repealing Materials, Thoughts, Incense, Prince Death, Love, Days, Hours,

Sketch book. Charcoal.

Sketch book. Charcoal.